Saturday, December 01, 2007

Player's Digger Pipe Tobacco Reviews

This dark-brown flake tobacco packs a nice punch and is naturally sweet. If you look closely, you might even see small sugar crystals on the aged Virginia-burley slices.

Upon opening the package, (I like the little 25g box), one immediately smells its fermented, almost flowery or soapy aroma, which transfers quite accurately to the smoke.

The flavour is not as rich and fruity as I had expected from an aged Virginia, and after the first bowl, I really wasn't sure. However, it is not the tongue-stinger that I had expected, and after a couple more bowls, I'm quite sold on it.

It does get a bit acidic toward the bottom of the bowl, which for some reason affects the back of the mouth more than the tongue. I have been complemented on its slightly sweet, but not overly heavy, room aroma several times.

The strangest thing is that a co-worker has became quite fond of mixing it half-and-half with his Drum tobacco for hand-rolled cigarettes. It burns well and should be smoked slowly to preserve its pleasant taste.



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