Saturday, December 08, 2007

12 Styles of Pipes

APPLE: A pipe with a rounded bowl, in the shape of an apple.

BENT: A curved stem pipe.

BILLIARD: A common shape. Straight stem, slightly rounded verticalbowl.

BULLDOG: A pipe with a round bowl and a pointed heel and shank.

CANADIAN: An unbent pipe with a long shank and a straight verticalbowl.

CHURCHWARDEN: A pipe with an extremely long stem.

DUBLIN: An Irish style, shaped after the clay pipe. Straight shank, bowl leans forward slightly.

FREEHAND: Also known as DANISH FREEHAND. An asymmetric, one-of-a-kind shape.

OOM PAUL: A large-boweled bent stemmed pipe name for the Boer leader who smoked this variety.

POKER: A cylindrical bowl and stem, without bend.

PRINCE: A squat, rounded bowl and a stem bent near the mouthpiece.

WOODSTOCK: The same as a DUBLIN with a slightly curved stem.

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